Counterfeiter jellemzők

In 1945 Moritz Nachtstern sat down in his Oslo apartment and dictated the story of how he survived the Holocaust. He was one of 771 Jews deported from Norway during the German occupation of 1940-45, and one of only 34 who came back. In Auschwitz he endured horrific conditions and came close to death several times, before being selected to go to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the isolated Block 19. Here, under the watchful eye of their SS guards, skilled prisoners worked to produce perfect counterfeit British, and later American, banknotes for their captors. They were all acutely aware that because of the nature of the operation, once they had served their purpose, they could not be allowed to live. Moritz Nachtstern captures the atmosphere inside Block 19, as portrayed in the Oscar-winning film The Counterfeiters, from his arrival in 1943 to the last chaotic days of the Second World War.