PAULA - ROBIN THICKE - CD - jellemzők

Track listing[edit]All songs produced by Robin Thicke and Pro Jay.[25]No.TitleWriter(s)Length1. amp;quot;You're My Fantasy amp;quot; Thicke James Gass5:572. amp;quot;Get Her Back amp;quot; Thicke Bobby Keyes3:333. amp;quot;Still Madly Crazy amp;quot; Thicke2:554. amp;quot;Lock the Door amp;quot; Thicke4:215. amp;quot;Whatever I Want amp;quot; Thicke Gass3:456. amp;quot;Living in New York City amp;quot; Thicke William Taylor Ronnie Breaux Lemar Guillary3:267. amp;quot;Love Can Grow Back amp;quot; Thicke3:278. amp;quot;Black Tar Cloud amp;quot; Thicke Keyes Gass3:259. amp;quot;Too Little Too Late amp;quot; Thicke2:5410. amp;quot;Tippy Toes amp;quot; Thicke3:0711. amp;quot;Something Bad amp;quot; Thicke Chris Payton Larry Cox Taylor Breaux3:4112. amp;quot;The Opposite of Me amp;quot; Thicke3:0013. amp;quot;Time of Your Life amp;quot; Thicke2:5714. amp;quot;Forever Love amp;quot; Thicke Cox5:01Total length:51:29