A Psychological Interpretation of Drawings and Paintings jellemzők

"This book is an extremely valuable and pioneering book: the author gives a rich synthesis of the psychology and psychodiagnostics of drawing and painting, based on a comprehensive literature review (800 references), his vast experience (more than 1000 pictures from his collection of 360 000 drawings, scribbles and paintings) and his work in education and training. A fundemantal aspect of the book is its holistic point of view, which avoids the isolated interpretation of parts, in preference to a systems thinking approach
This book is both a textbook and a handbook at the same time: it gives a comprehensive overview of the field of visual expression, primarily for those studying it. It also of great use to anyone simply interested in the visual world. This book is recommended for psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers and other professionals, who are involved in the psychological aspects of the visual world."
(Prof. István Hárdi, Vice President, International Society for the Psychopathology of Expression and Art Therapy)