African textiles jellemzők

The first encyclopaedic, continent-wide survey of the textile traditions of Africa, lavishly illustrated throughout with hundreds of colour photographs and drawings. African Textiles describes the vast array of techniques used to create these sumptuous textiles, as well as the types of loom, materials and dyes. Important influences on textile production - religion, culture, trade, tradition, fashion and the changing role of women - are assessed in each of the different regions of Africa, which have their own particular style. Breathtaking skill and sheer creativity are presented here in radiant colour, from the glorious stripweaves of the Ashanti and the Ewe of West Africa to the beadwork of the Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele peoples of the South and the Asian-derived tradition of weaving silk and raphia of Madagascar. With a glossary and map, a guide to collections open to the public, and suggestions for further reading, this guide provides a wealth of information on the rich art of African textiles.