An Uncommon Life jellemzők

The pages of this book a truly uncommon life obtained from a highly credible and competenc source. The author of the recollections, Tamás Kornfeld, i.e. Thomas DeKornfeld, M.D., was born into one of the richest families in Hungary in 1924. His paternal grandfather, Baron Zsigmond Kornfeld, was sent to Hungary by the Rothschilds in Vienna, settled in Budapest and became the president of both the General Bank of Credit and of the Hungarian Stock Exchange. His maternal grandfather, Baron Manfred Weiss, established the largest industrial establishment in Hungary. His father, Baron Móric Kornfeld, was a member of the Upper Chamber of Parlaiment, a Director of Hungarian National Bank and the owner of the 4.000 acre estate in Ireg. Another outstanding member of the family was his Uncle Ferenc Chorin, Jr. one of the most outstanding businessman of the period.