BEATLES '65 - CD - jellemzők

Side one No. Title Lead vocals Length 1. amp;quot;No Reply amp;quot; John 2:152. amp;quot;I'm a Loser amp;quot; John 2:313. amp;quot;Baby's in Black amp;quot; John and Paul 2:024. amp;quot;Rock and Roll Music amp;quot; amp;quot; (Chuck Berry) John 2:325. amp;quot;I'll Follow the Sun amp;quot; Paul 1:466. amp;quot;Mr. Moonlight amp;quot; (Roy Lee Johnson) John 2:35Side two No. Title Lead Vocals Length 1. amp;quot;Honey Don't amp;quot; (Carl Perkins) Ringo 2:562. amp;quot;I'll Be Back amp;quot; John 2:223. amp;quot;She's a Woman amp;quot; Paul 2:574. amp;quot;I Feel Fine amp;quot; John 2:205. amp;quot;Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby amp;quot; (Carl Perkins)