Collins Europa 2009 - Essential Road Atlas jellemzők

The atlas includes:
-Route planning section including maps for long distance route planning, motorway services information and a handy distance calculator chart.
-Easy to use, clear road maps at a scale of 3.2 miles to 1 inch (1:200,000) for England, Wales and Southern Scotland and at 4.2 miles to 1 inch (1:266,000) in Northern Scotland.
-Attractive layer colours depicting land height.
-21 urban area approach maps at a larger scale which clearly show the best routes through and into the busiest built-up-areas.
-63 street maps focussed on town centres showing places of interest, car park locations and one-way streets. All the street maps are fully indexed.
-Fully updated fixed speed camera sites with the roads covered by average-speed cameras clearly highlighted.
-Locations of alternative fuel sites (LPG, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Natural Gas and Electricty recharging points) as supplied by the Energy Saving Trust.
-Map showing the risk rating of Britain's major roads, courtesy of the Road Safety Foundation.
-World Heritage Sites located with contact details and brief descriptions.
-Over 30 categories of places of interest including castles, theme parks, sports venues, universities, mountain bike trails and surfing beaches.
-The top 1000 most visited places of interest are indexed with full postcodes to aid integration with satnav systems.