Creation jellemzők

A book of breathtaking scope, in which the mystery of how the world began infolds in an epic narrative that sets the Gods against the world's great artists, their rivals in creative energy. Despite the best efforts of scientists, theologians and aestheticians, creation and creativity both remain mysterious. How did our world begin? Where do we come from? And how can we understand or describe that obscure source we call imagination, from which works of art emerge? Peter Conrad's book investigates these mysteries, in a survey of cultural history that begins with the differing accounts of creation and advances to our own world, where creativity seems to have warped into a fierce delight in destruction. He describes the long illness and eventual demise of the Christian God, and shows how artists and scientists were ready and eager to take over a creative role that was once a heavenly prerogative. At the same time, he probes the creative impulse of writers, painters and musicians, celebrating the audacity of the restless, rebellious beings who first questioned the limits placed on thoughts and dreams, supplemented nature with their own creations, and came to be known as artists.