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“[...] This is a great book about how to find the value creating opportunities and how to utilize them. Reading it is a must for managers who understand that data became an extremely important source of competitive advantage in today's business.”György Bőgel – CEU Business School (Hungary) “This book provides an excellent overview over business intelligence applications. [...] Real-life examples illustrate the pitfalls of BI and data mining applications and offer advice on how to avoid them.”Prof. Franz Lehner – University of Passau (Germany) “[…] Being responsible for the operative management of a multinational telecommunications company, I had the privilege to meet the authors of this book and to elaborate and build up a robust data warehouse and a management information system that proved to be very useful for the management team. […] This book is based on this knowledge and competence of the authors, and rightfully belongs in the library of every manager to be used every day!”Csaba