Easy to make! - Meat-free Meals jellemzők

Drawing on the rich vegetarian traditions of many different countries, this book provides an invaluable collection of imaginative recipes. Both strict vegetarians and the increasing number of people keen to reduce the amount of meat in their diet will find this book an endless source of inspiration.Contains 100 triple-tested recipes in this new full-colour cookery series, featuring the most popular recipes from the GH Institute Kitchens - tried; tested; trusted recipes that are guaranteed to work first time every time. Each title in the series contains: step-by-step photography of essential cooking techniques; nutritional advice - clear information where recipes are vegetarian, gluten and dairy free; preparation and cooking times, serving quantities; menu ideas; temperature and measurement conversion charts.Continuing the hugely successful cookery series which has sold over 100,000 copies in total, this title includes: step-by-step photography of basic cookery techniques; and, over 100 recipes that work first time, every time. Collect and keep a home cookery library.