Empire jellemzők

The people of China are changing the face of their country with tremendous tenacity, and often with their bare hands. Sometimes, it seems as if not a single plot of ground remains unturned or unproductive. The changes are so rapid and so prolific that the photographer finds himself constantly a step behind, chasing memories. The ancient rhythms of China, once thought to be eternal, are being muffled as the country begins to look more and more like everywhere else in the new Asia. Change is a constant in China that provokes mixed feelings in photographer James Delano. The light, muted by the ever-present coal smoke, possesses a certain softness; people's faces are smudged, their eyes hungry and ambitious. This generation may be rough around the edges, but they are on the way up, sacrificing for their children and grandchildren; they are nation-building. No matter how much China transforms itself, a certain degree of 'Chineseness' will always remain. The question is, how much? For Delano, immersing himself in a country means quietly wandering the backstreets of the cities, towns and villages and, for a few moments, slipping unnoticed into places and situations. He passes quickly and quietly, capturing the immediacy he seeks without disturbing the scene. Too slow, and he risks losing the moment forever. This strong photographic exploration delves beneath the surface of its subject: a study of light, energy, emotion and China's reaction to the intrusion of a foreign observer. This book presents a critical, at times ironic, but always informed vision of the nation and its people.