Esther's Inheritance jellemzők

From the great Hungarian writer Sándor Márai, Esther's Inheritance is the tautly suspenseful story of a long-ago unrequited love and its vivid consequences twenty years later.
What is it to be in love with a pathological liar and fantasist? Esther is, and has been for the more than two decades since Lajos disappeared from her life. Now all these years later Lajos is returning, and the news brings both panic and excitement. While no longer young, and thoroughly skeptical about Lajos and his lies, Esther still remembers how incredibly alive she felt when he was around. His presence bewitches everyone, and the greatest part of his charm - and his danger - lies in the deftness with wich he wields that delicate power. Nothing good can come of this: friends rally round protectively, but Lajos's arrival begins a day of high theather that will leave Esther's life dramatically changed again.