French Style jellemzők

For centuries the French have been celegrated for their "art de vivre". French Style captures the charm, vitality and elegance of the contemporary French lifestyle as it is reflected in that country's houses. Taken often in natural light and concevied with an artist's eye for composition, Jacques Dirand's photographs present a luminous vision of French interiors. Town and country houses, flats, lofts, ateliers and chateaux demonstrate the range of french design taste and many translatable decorating ideas. More than twenty-five homes are shown in the first and second parts of the book, in the third, Suzanne Slesin describes in detail the functions and histories of the room. Design styles range from the refined interpretations of French high-tech to the rusticated simplicity of the French country look. Often, though, it is the intensely personal and characteristically French element - the unique combinations of furniture and objects - that triumphs. The attention to detail - whether it be a bowl of fresh flowers, a delicate window treatment of white lace curtains, or a century-old collection of copper cookware -reflects a profoundly French genius: the simple touches are perhaps most important of all. The French home, which may include Italian modern furniturre or Laura Ashley febrics, is decideadly French - so distictive and subtle is the Gallic flair for decorating. The preface, by Andrée Putman, and the foreword by Robert Rosenblum, place French design in context and add another dimension to our understanding of French culture. In the final section, a dossier provides a listing of British sources French for French-style antiques and contemporary furnishing. French Style exudes that special quality, a rare blend of magic, elegance and sophistication that is the very essence of the French "art de vivre".