History - The History of the World jellemzők

Spanning from the dawn of civilization to the first decade of the 21st century, this palm-sized world history is a must-have for students, scholars, and armchair historians alike. Written in a concise but straightforward manner, this single compact volume is a superbly accessible historical reference.
Presented throughout this book are history's most important moments within interactive spreads organized by epochal themes and cross-referenced to offer an in-depth and multi-dimensional view of major world events. Ranging from prehistory to the present day, the eight fundamental eras provided in this volume are outfitted with a timeline detailing each section and fascinating sidebars.
The carefully selected illustrations offer a vibrant counterpoint to the text while providing a visual excitement to each eras' important eras and personalities. Together, the informative text and corresponding illustrations provide an irresistibly fascinating adventure for readers. Engaging both for the casual browser and student alike, this book is truly as it's title describes: essential.