Jane Austen Volume I jellemzők

Jane Austen's ability to engross and fascinate her readers began nearly 200 years ago and continues today. Her sharp wit, piercing observations of human nature and unrivalled somic genius have meant that Austen's novels have never fallen from popular taste and continue to enthral of readers today. This volume, delightfully illustrated with Hugh Thompson's delicate drawings, contains three of Jean Austen's classic novels. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE recounts the well known story of Elzabeth Bennet and her matchmaking mother's quest to find husbands for her five daughters. Charles Bingley and, of course, the handsome Mr D'Arcy, are suitors. MANSFIELD PARK is where Fanny Price is brought to live with her aunt and uncle, Lady and Sir Bertram. She becomes immersed in their world but in her teens finds she cannot take part in the self-indulgent flirtations of her four cousins. She returns home to visit her family only to find herself longing again for Mansfield Park. PERSUASION, Austen's last novel, tells the story of Sir Walter Elliot and his daughters, in particular the youngest, Anne. She becomes reacquainted with the dashing Captain Wentworth whom she had loved, but rejected, eight years earlier. However, soon after their reacquaintance, the family, unable to maintain the grand residence, move Bath. But what will become of the Captain?