Koloman Moser (1868-1918) jellemzők

Co-founder with Josef Hoffmann of the Wiener Werkstätte (or Vienna Workshop), Koloman Moser furnished Viennese homes with a simplicity and elegance that contrasted the city's baroque decadence. But, as this volume demonstrates, Moser's influence extended far beyond stylish living rooms. Here readers will be introduced to Moser as an artisan, painter, educator, designer, and driving force behind the artistic institutions of fin de sičcle Vienna. Hundreds of color illustrations showcase the artist's design concepts for entire rooms, including inlaid furniture, dinnerware, vases, and wall hangings, which followed a cohesive concept that renders them classic and timeless.
The volume traces Moser's artistic development as he branched into public projects, designing stamps, banknotes, and the glorious windows of the Otto Wagner Church in Steinhof. Readers are also treated to samples of Moser's paintings-landscapes, portraits and mythological scenes that are characterized by their extraordinary coloring. Enhanced with photographs, many never before published, from the artist's private life, this dazzling monograph presents the full range of Moser's contributions to the world of art and design.