Litkey jellemzők

György Litkey (1907-1975) is one of the lesser known Hungarian painters of the 20th Century.
Stylistically related to tibor Bornemissza, Endre Vadász and Tibor Pólya, Litkey started his career inthe "Association of Artists". His works have been displayed in Hungary and abroad at 40 exhibitons. By the end of the 1960s, he developed a monumental and very personal style rooted in tachism, surrealism and expressionism.
Besides a factual introduction by László Borbély and Ottó Mezei, of note is the detailed confession of Litkey himself, providing an insight into the teaching of art in the 1930s, as well as the art of Vaszary.
The rich list of literature at the end of the book also deserves attention.
The publication is augmented by a generous amount of reproductions of the works of György Litkey, providing an opoortunity toaxquaint oneself with his artistic development, as well as stylistic variatons of 20th Century art.
The book is a welcome addition to publications on Hungarian painters.