M*A*S*H - I*R*A*Q jellemzők

This is a book about lessons not learned, about art/life/art.
It's a book about four years, and counting. Four years of believers lied to death - 3,300 fighting men and women sneaked home in secret caskets - 25,000 wounded, some lying in their own waste - hundreds of thousands of innocent iraqis, dead, forgotten - $400 billion wasted, and counting.
For eleven years the tv show m*a*s*h depicted human beings at war. Here is tv's war juxtaposed with the absent-from-tv-iraq war, restating lessons not learned: war hurts; blood is not spilled without cost; lives are lost, minds are ruined, souls are scarred twisted, rent asunder.
The 4077th depicted the horror of war - of korea - of Vietnam - of war. It was a show about the hideous idiocy, the damning, ruinous, hellacious mindlessness of sending the young off to fight and die for old men's vainglory.
Klinger, Baghdad, hot lips, haditha, hawkeye, fallujah, b.J, abu graib... take this book. Read it. And weep.