Maelstrom jellemzők

In Powers That Be, Power Lines and Power Play Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough told the story of a sentient planet, Petaybee. Now they have returned to the planet and introduced the reader to Ronan and Murel, twins who can transform into seals and converse telepathically with the creatures of Petaybee.
After a daring rescue from an uninhabitable planet the human and turtle, or Honu, survivors are given a new home on Petaybee. The twins, in their seal form, decide to escort the Honus to their new home in the middle of the ocean.
During the long journey Murel falls asleep and becomes separated from the others. She is attacked by a pod of Orcas and telepathically calls Ronan for help. He races back to try to save her. When he arrives he finds Murel surrounded by the Orcas but before he can help her they are both caught up in an underwater whirlpool and dragged down to the ocean floor...