Mansi Mythology jellemzők

The Encyclopaedia of Uralic Mythologies offers a basis for the study of the roots and present character of Finno-Ugrian and Samoyedic ethnic religions, mythologies and folklore. Mythology is understood here in the broad sense, including not only myths proper but also the field of ethnic religion, by including beliefs and connected rituals, magic practices and their specialists. The volumes offer information about the people in question and give reference lists for basic scientific works and archives. The central part of each volume is the dictionary of mythological terms for the tradition concerned. An index of mythical concepts is added to each volume.
This book introduces the readers to the mythological traditions of the Mansi (Voguls) and aims to give an idea of their world-view created over the course of centuries. The Mansi belong, with the Khanty (Ostyaks) and Samoyeds, to the indigenous peoples of Northwest Siberia. The nearest linguistic relatives of the Ob-Ugrians (Mansi and Khanty) are Hungarians living in central Europe. The rich culture of the Mansi provides valuable materials for research on language and mythology.