MathterMinds (Magyar kiadás) jellemzők

MathterMinds is an educational learning toolkit designed to replicate and improve traditional math textbook and conventional math practices.
MathterMinds supports a fun and playful learning process for children engaging the whole family.
The new Family Edition I. includes six basic game types with numerous themes and variations that enable children to practice and acquire the esseential mathematical skills required in your child's first scholl years.
How? Simply by letting the children play the game.
Results are immediately visible regardless of the extent of prior interest or knowledge in math.
The MathterMinds toolkit is designed to support both individual and team based learning. The gameplay empowers a subconscious learning process resulting in mathematical and interpersonal development. Interest, enthusiasm and persistence will also arise in combination with an abudance of fun and laughter.
The games consequently focus on the academic requirements. Amongst the different operational fields attention was held on counting, summation, subtraction, multiplication, division and unit measurements in terms of length and weight.
Soremember: from now "you have to count with MathterMinds!"
And now, let's play!