METAFIZIKA MAGYARORSZÁGON? -... ár és hasonló termékek

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Angol-magyar nyelvű kötetBéla Weissmahr (1929–2007) was a Hungarian Jesuit priest and philosopher who worked for most of his life in Germany. His oeuvre is com- posed of short and clearly written texts out- lining a carefully structured metaphysics. The renowned Austrian neo-Thomist philosopher, erstwhile rector of the University of Innsbruck, Emerich Coreth (1919–2006) regarded him as a master in reasoning for grounding a “systematic and speculative philosophy”. Can we hope that Weissmahr’s legacy will be also appreciated in his own country? A necessary precondition for such a positive reception should obviously be that “the queen of sciences”, i.e. classical metaphysics, is studied in an open and critical manner instead of being simply ignored because of her supposed “impossibility”. The present volume constitutes a first step towards such an Hungarian appreciation of Béla Weissmahr’s metaphysics. The reader is presented with different approaches that prepare the way towards finding