Mother's Day jellemzők

It's the first day of term at Farquhars exclusive junior school.
Stay-at-home mum Gwen has three engaging kids and a blissful marriage to Rob. Her biggest worries are a bottom that sometimes keeps moving after she's stopped and a toddler obsessed with reproductive organs - until two bombshells cause her perfect world to crumble.
Working mum Alison is devoted to her daughter, but since juggling motherhood with a career has left her with cellulite to her Achilles, an iguana costume to make and a permanent headache, a larger family is the only thing NOT on her to-do list...
Trophy wife Katherine seems rich, glamorous and care-free. In fact, her husband only ever touches her as he guides her into social functions like a butcher sliding a prime cut across a countertop... Her kids barely know she exists either.
Outside the school gates gossip hums, SUVs swarm and Boden abounds. Yet these three very different mothers are about to discover that friends are the only accessories they need.
A deliciously warm, funny and moving take on being a mum, making new friends and dealing with the posturing and politics of the playground - something we never really leave behind...