Of Love and Evil jellemzők

Toby ODare, the assassin who started on the path to redemption in Angel Time (2009), continues his quest for salvation. He has just learned that hes the father of a 10-year-old boy and is nervously awaiting the arrival of his former lover, Liona, and their son at the Mission Inn in California. He longs to be a part of the boys life and to rekindle his relationship with Liona, but he is summoned on another time-traveling errand of mercy by the angel Malchiah. This time Toby is transported to fifteenth-century Rome to respond to the prayer of a Jewish physician named Vitale, whose best friend and patient, Niccol, has clearly been poisoned. Given the citys virulent anti-Semitism, Vitale is at risk if the real culprit isnt discovered. In addition to helping Vitale save Niccol, Toby must discover the origins of an angry spirit that is haunting the house Vitale lives in. Toby is surprised by the dangers he faces in a story shaped by Catholic doctrine. Readers who enjoy Rices larger-than-life tales and elegant writing will find much to appreciate here, and the cliff-hanger ending will leave fans eager for the next installment..