Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook for digital photographs jellemzők

How would you like to create your own Impressionist landscape, Picasso portrait, or surrealist dream world? Or an Ansel Adams shot of Yosemite, a 19th-century Daguerreotype, or an experimental scraped Polaroid? It#s easy. Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook reveals all you need to know to turn your original digital photographs into stunning images that emulate the styles of great photographers and painters. The book begins with advice on how to develop an 'artist's eye' by analysing subject matter, composition, and colour. It moves on to cover all the basic skills you'll need to become an expert image manipulator, and offers scores of detailed workthroughs showing exactly how to create a wide variety of convincing images - covering artists from Vermeer to van Gogh and photographers from Brassai to Bill Brandt. Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook is an essential guide to understanding and simulating the work of great artists - and a whole lot of fun. It's a book that will appeal to anyone with a digital camera, a computer, and a copy of Photoshop.