Pirate: Sea Robber jellemzők

Ambushed by a gang of hardened sea robbers headed for the South Sea, Hector Lynch, pirate and fugitive, is obliged to navigate their vessel on a nightmarish journey through the stormy seas off Cape Horn and when his ruthless shipmates abandon him in Peru, he learns that Maria, the young Spanish woman who stole his heart and whose false testimony saved him from the gallows, is now living on the remote Ladrones, the Thief Islands, on the far side of the Pacific Ocean. His epic voyage to reach her will bring him face to face with a Japanese warlord who submits trespassers to his island to a deadly duel and with a naked Stone Age tribe who file their teeth to sharp points and sail boats that outpace the fastest galleon.
In Pirate: Sea Robbers Tim Severin takes the reader on an enthralling adventure through the seventeenth-century world of the seafarers who risked scurvy, shipwreck and drowning in hopes of reaping fortunes in spice and treasure.