Prophets of Zoom jellemzők

In the mid-1930s Stephen Mitchell amp; Son, a cigarette manufacturer based in Scotland, joined the craze for producing cigarette cards. It created 'The World of Tomorrow', an imaginative series of cards that set out to forecast the future. Each of the 50 cards uses a specially commissioned illustration or a still from a contemporary science fiction film to make a significant prediction about the way people will be living in years to come: the transport they will be using; the houses they will be building; the offices in which they will be working; and the modes of communication and sources of energy they will be employing. What is astounding, some 70 years on, is the extent to which these amusing predictions have come true. This novel gift book reproduces all 50 cards and compares them, on the opposite page, to a photograph of today's equivalent technology, proving just how amazingly accurate the original predictions were.