Rivals jellemzők

Bill Emmott is one of the world#s most authoritative international commentators. Fifteen years after The Sun Also Sets predicted the decline of Japan in the 1990s, Emmott returns not only to the Far East but to the wholly new and different challenges which have arisen from and among China, India and Japan. Rivals will be the book which defines the geo-politics of the world's most rapidly evolving economies and nation states, and assesses the challenge to America#s global economic and military leadership posed by the emerging Asian superpowers.
It is not just, as many seem to argue, a question of the rise of China. For the first time in history Asia will not be dominated by just one country or by outside powers. It will contain three large, economically powerful countries, all with interests and ambitions that range across the whole region, and the world. The future of the world economy will be determined by the competition between these three countries, as will world politics. Rivals: How the power struggle between China, India and Japan will shape our next decade, will explore the legacies of history, the likely future trajectories of China, Japan and India, and the potential collisions and intersections between them which will shape the 21st century.