Savage Lands jellemzők

It is 1704 and, in the swamps of Louisiana, France is clinging to its hew colony with less than two-hundred men. Into this hostile land comes Elisabeth Savaret, one of twenty-three women sent from Paris to marry men they have never met. Wirth little expectation of happiness Elisabeth is stunned to find herself falling passionately in love with her husband, infantryman Jean-Claude Babelon. Bur Babelon is a dangerous man to love. Witness to Elisabeth's devotion is another of his acolytes, Auguste, a young boy despatched to act as go-between with the 'redskins'. When both Elisabeth and Auguste find their love challenged by Babelon's duplicity, the consequences are devastating.
Tense, shocking and richly imagined, this is a brilliant portrayal of the struggle to live a good life amidst the brutality of nature and the temptations of commerce. Historical fiction at its best.