Sleepmanual (with CD) jellemzők

According to a 2005 survey by the American National Sleep Foundation, fewer than half of Americans say they get a good nightAa's sleep during most nights. "Sleep Manual " presents practical ways in which readers can tackle sleep disorders and make sleeping more relaxing and restorative. The authors explain sleep in scientific terms and identify common sleep disorders. Among them is sleep apnea, a respiratory condition that produces frequent, brief sleep interruptions throughout the night and is characterized by heavy snoring. Preventive measures and effective treatment methods to counter sleep apnea, as well as several other sleep disorders, are clearly spelled out. Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder, receives particular attention; its various causes and the medically proven ways in which sufferers can overcome it are detailed. Fundamental steps start with accurately identifying the type of sleep disturbance and then developing a personal sleep program to address it best. Relaxation exercises are described, but maintaining an optimal bedroom environment for sleep is just as important. The authors discuss transforming the bedroom into a true sleep sanctuary and synchronizing the brain and body to facilitate refreshing and restorative sleep. Enclosed with the book is an audio compact disc presenting relaxation exercises, behavioral strategies, and other useful tools designed to help induce and maintain sleep. Illustrated throughout.