Tangkas - Buddhist Paintings from Tibet jellemzők

The richness of the Tibetan Buddhist artistic tradition is beautifully illustrated by this selection of thirty tangkas (religious scroll paintings) from the American Museum of Natural History. These exquisite works, with their wealth of color and meaning, show the complex iconography of Buddhist art as well as the extraordinary skill of the artists, most of whom remain unknown. Tangkas are difficult to date, because this essentially conservative art tradition has changed so little and so gradually over the centuries. The religion and its artistic expression continue today in the Tibetan refugee communities, particularly in Dharmsala, Northern India, where the fourteenth Dalai Lama lives in exile. 30 full-color reproductions. Pomegranate's books of postcards contain thirty top-quality reproductions bound together in a handy, artful collection. Easy to remove and produced on heavy card stock, these stunning postcards are a delight to the sender and receiver.