The 33 jellemzők

On 5 August 2010, thirty-three miners were midway through a routine shift, deep in the San José mine in Chile. They stopped for lunch at a tiny safety shelter over half a kilometre below the surface.
Ten minutes later they heard an almighty crack and a deep rumbling sound. A slab of rock the size of a skyscraper had sheered off the mountain, trapping the men below tonnes of collapsed rock.
Above ground a rescue operation of unprecedented scale swung into operation, but for over two weeks no contact could be made.
Below ground, hope turned to desperation as the miners prepared themselves for a slow, agonising death. Then, seventeen days later, a drill reached them: contact. Hope was rekindled. What they couldn't know was that it would be over seven weeks before they were freed.
This is the story of those thirty-three men and what they experienced in the claustrophobic dark of the mine, trapped for 69 days 688 metres underground.