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The Ascendancy Veil jellemzők

The war that is tearing apart the ancient Empire of Saramyr is reaching its apocalyptic conclusion. The Weavers have stepped from the shadows and have taken control, the Emperor not even their puppet anymore. The capital is a demon-haunted nightmare, the land ridden by pestilence. New, terrifying demons, immune to everything but magic have been unleashed on the cities and armies of the resistance movement. And the abbarent hordes are seemingly without end. As the madness of the weavers takes grip their tactics become even more crazed and bloody and thousands are dying on both sides. Someone must stop the weavers, someone must discover the secrets of what lies at the bottom of the massive pits they have dug across Saramyr. This is the final volume of what has proved to be one of the most original, exotic and exciting epic fantasies of the 21st century. Chris Wooding melds an extraordinary imagination to deft characterisation and flair for gripping plots.