Barna Burger Hungary on foot a photographers diary Barna Burger is a well-known photographer who has already published several books. He made his childhood dream come true when he set forth on a journey on foot along the 1180 kilometers of the National Blue Trail in Hungary. The photographs he took during the trek and his pertaining thoughts have been compiled into a special photo album. Once many Hungarian viewers enjoyed the famous television series One and a Half Million Steps in Hungary, directed by Pál Rockenbauer. Just like the film-makers, Barna Burger also walked from east to west. For more than a year, he would spend two or three days a week walking 20 to 40 kilometers on occasion. His journey lasted from May 2013 to November 2014. The tour was a wandering from the beginning: not only did the walk, the vicinity of nature, and the solitude bring about the experience recorded in the images, but they also provided the usually rare opportunity for getting to know himself and clarifying his thoughts. Everybody who is interested in hiking can recognize the beauty of Hungarys landscapes in Barna Burgers fascinating photos. Those, who have not yet tried to explore the various beautiful places the most popular Hungarian tourist trail leads through, can now take a fancy at trekking in boots via this subjective journal. Even if they just wonder how much beauty is hidden in the Hungarian landscapes, Barna Burger has achieved one of his objectives: he has shown everybody how diverse and fascinating the country we call Hungary is. BLUE Rambler was published by the Hungarian Hiker Association and the texts were edited by writer Zoltán Kőrösi.