The Escape jellemzők

Military CID investigator John Puller returns from his latest case to learn that his brother, an expert in nuclear weaponry and cyber-security, has escaped from the US Army's most secure prison. It seems that Robert - convicted of treason - may have had help in his breakout. Now he's on the run, and he's the military's number one target.
John has a dilemma. Which comes first: loyalty to his country, or to his brother? Blood is thicker than water, but Robert has state secrets that certain people will killfor. While John does nut know for certain the true nature of Robert's crimes, or if he's even guity, it soon becomes clear that his brother's responsibilities were powerful and far-reaching.
With the help of intelligence officer Veronica Knox, both brothers move closer to the truth from their opposing directions. But as the case forces John onto the other side of the law, his skills as an investigator and his strength as a warrior might not be enough to save him. Or his brother.