The Gallant Cloakmaker: Selected Tales jellemzők

150 years ago Elek Benedek (1859-1929) was born in the tiny Transylvanian village of Kisbacon. From there, he went to study in Székelyudvarhely and later in Budapest. It was then that his collection of Transylvanian tales was published, earning him so much immediate popularity that he gave up his studies to be a writer and journalist.
He also became a member of parliament and public speaker, espousing the causes of youth literature, folk poetry, folk language and public education.
Benedek was a writer of poems, dramas, novels and historical novels, but "The Great Storyteller" will always be best remembered and loved for his collection of Transylvanian and Hungarian folktales and fairy tales.
He also translated the Arabian Nights and the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm.
This collection of his works is published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth, which is also the 80th anniversary of his death.