The Grandmothers jellemzők

"Lessing's prose is as vigorous in these stories as it has ever been. She has an extraordinary feel not only for landscape but also for the human creature within it." - The Times The unforgettable characters of these four enchanting new novellas from the queen of British literature range from James Reid, a British soldier on the African fringes of the Second World War, and his long-lost illegitimate son, to Roz and Lil, two lifelong friends whose past passions erupt to destroy the very people they love the most. These stories are as varied in style and subject as they are unified in their brilliance and insight into the often disquieting truths of the human condition. 'In these four tales Lessing shows her adaptability, and her capacity to unify the most far-flung territories of human experience. Like all great writers, she brings a multitudinous sensibility to bear on individual people, on single rooms, on particular moments - and she makes them live'