The Martian Chronicles jellemzők

The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury's second book, made his reputation and is still considered by many to be his finest work. These closely interwoven short stories, skilfully linked by recurring images and themes, evoke a beautifully nostalgic sense of loss and isolation.
The book tells the story of humanity's repeated attempts to colonise the red planet. The first men were few. Most succumbed to a disease they called the Great Loneliness when they saw their home planet dwindle to the size of a fist. Those few that survived found no welcome on Mars. But more rockets arrived from Earth, and more. People brought their old prejudices with them - and their desires and fantasies, tainted dreams.
These strange and wonderful tales of man's experiences on Mars are filled with intense images and astonishing visions. As much a work of social criticism as of science fiction, The Martian Chronicles is an allegory for the tragic moral blindness of mankind, told in wonderfully evocative prose.