The Photographs of Edward Steichen jellemzők

Edward Steichen set out to be a painter; photography was a sideline until it brought him fame at the age of twenty-two. Many contemporary critics and artists fiercely maintained that photography was not art, but Steichen's images were so powerful - and so emphatically not attempts to resemble paintings (a rare quality in their time) - that a 1901 review declared him "destined to rank among the greatest pictorial photographers of the world."
Steichen worked in many branches of photography - fashion, advertising, war work for the army and the navy in both World Wars - as well as becoming the Museum of Modern Art's first curator of photography. But as the images reproduced here make clear, his commercial work is virtually indistinguishable from the fine art he created. This book of postcards presents thirty compositions that show Steichen at the top of his powers.