The Reversal jellemzők

When Mickey Haller is invited by the Los Angeles County District Attorney to prosecute a case, he suspects he's being set up. Why should one of the hottest defense lawyers in the business agree to switch sides for one trial? Especially since the DA's determination to re-try Jason Jessup, a convicted child-killer who spent almost twenty-five years on death row before DNA evidence freed him, seems doomed to failure.
Despite the risks, Mickey finds it's an offer he can't refuse. Not only will the trial generate a media blitz, but as Mickey and his lead investigator Detective Harry Bosch learn more about the death of twelve-year-old Melissa Landy all those years ago, they become convinced that Jessup is guilty - and once freed he will kill again.
With the odds stacked against him - including a defense attorney adept at portraying Jessup as the innocent victim of a corrupt justice system and a key witness who risks having her life torn apart on the stand - Mickey knows that if this is the only case he ever prosecutes, it's one he cannot afford to lose.