The Second World War jellemzők

"His book is the definitive history. This is World War II as Tolstoy would have described it - the great and the small." (Gerard Degroot, Washington Post)
"Antony Beevor's utterly absorbing history... is as comprehensive and objective an account of the course of the war as we are likely to get, and the most humanly moving to date." (John Gray, New Statesman)
"Narratives of the war have more and more revealed its political ambiguities and moral complexities. Few authors have contributed more to this process of rethinking than the British military historian Antony Beevor... anecdotes and quotations make Beevor's account incomparably vivid... (a) magnificiently readable book." (Trichard Evans, New York Review of Books)
"A magnificient performance - true excitement from one page to the next delivered in faultless prose." (Daily Express)
"(A) magisterial narrative of the Second World War... This is the place to begin if you need to get your knowledge of the war in order." (Hew Strachan, Evening Standard)
"In the same clear, compelling prose that we recognise from his previous histories, Beevor methodically assembles the pieces of his vast jigsaw and explains how they fit together. He is a past master of precis. In a couple of sentences he sums up what others take chapters to analyse... For a single snapshot of pure hell Beevor is unbeatable... utterly gripping." (Sue Arnold, Guardian)
"A war epic close to perfection" (Mail on Sunday)