The Secret History of the Handbag jellemzők

From early Renaissance couriers travelling at breakneck speed through Europe carrying sturdy handstitched bags holding papers, jewels and money to the present day return to the hand-stitched saddlery techniques of the nineteenth century. The Secret History of the Handbag looks at the changing nature of this most essential and fascinating accessory. The history of the handbag is also the social history of the times in which exquisite models were created - from the secret pockets of the pre-Renaissance era tot he introduction of travel bags in the nineteenth century and the explosion of creativity in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Every majos couturier in the early 1920s, frm Poiret to Chanel and from Schiaparellil and Lanvin, created handbags to complement their outfits. Handbags were also inspired by the taste of individual women - notably Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag by Hermes - and by events in the world at large such as Schiaparelli's pre-war gas mask containers. I more recent times, this collaboration with stars and celebrities has grown ever more important. Nowadays a handbag is the foundation of fashion fortunes and certain models, such as Hermes Birkin and the ubiquitous Louis Vuitton LV bags, are as famous in China as they are in the rue de la Paix. This is a lively and informative book with beautiful contemporary illustrations of bags spanning the centuries - from Leonardo da Vinci to Tracey Emin. A visual showcase of the handbag's long and illustrious history. The Secret History of the Handbag will to appeal to all those who both covet and love this most quintessential of fashion accessories.