Visiting Picasso jellemzők

The private notes and correspondence of the Surrealist artist and writer Roland Penrose, published here for the first time, offer a vivid, spontaneous and lively record of his many encounters with Pablo Picasso and Picasso's family, friends and associates. What makes these documents so important is also what makes them so exhilarating and fresh. They are uncensored, first-hand, on-the-spot observations of Picasso at home and in company. The informal immediacy of the jottings - anecdotes, incidents, telling details and off-the-record conversations - makes for a compellingly candid read.
Penrose's notes also include revealing accounts of the artist at work, affording rare insights into the making of masterpieces, such as Guernica. Photographs taken by, among others, Penrose's wife, the celebrated photographer Lee Miller, add to the record by illustrating the colourful cast of characters, from Dora Maar and Francoise Gilot to Jean Cocteau and Gary Cooper, as well as artworks and events described.