Witness for the Prosecution and Selected Plays jellemzők

Newly-jacketed edition designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Christie's faultlessly plotted Witness for The Prosecution and other outstanding plays. The perfect complement to the latest edition of The Mousetrap and Selected Plays (50th Aniversary Edition). Headlining this book is Witness for the Prosecution - Christie's highly successful stage play which won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for best foreign play. A stunning courtroom drama, it tells the story of a scheming wife testifying against her husband in a shocking murder trial. The wild beauty of a seaside house perched high on The Devonshire River Tern provides a stunning back-drop in Towards Zero - as a psychopathic murderer homes in on the unsuspecting victims. Passion, murder and love are the deadly ingredients in Verdict, making it one of Christie's more unusual thrillers and prompting her to label it 'the best play I have written with the exception of Witness for The Prosecution'. Go Back for Murder tells the story of the young and feisty Carla who, orphaned at the tender age of five, discovers her mother was imprisioned for murdering her father and determines to prove her innocence.